What is marketing

What is marketing?

People believe that marketing is all about promoting a product or service.

But it’s not.

Because promoting is advertising.

It’s just a part of marketing.

Marketing is a vast topic.

For a business, its contribution on each level is necessary. From product development to closing a deal – the marketing team’s effort is significant.

And, its main aim is to deliver value to the prospect. Rather than promoting a product or service and pushing your customer to pay you – the information you provide them must be helpful. If your promotion doesn’t do that – you won’t get the people’s attention you want,

The outcome depends on how you do it and how your prospect perceives your message.

Let me first explain to you what exactly is marketing.

What is Marketing?

What is marketing
What is marketing

The American Marketing Association defines

” Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

The simple version of it is – attracting and satisfying the customer’s needs and wants with valuable information in exchange for money.

The success of a business relies on customer satisfaction. Any successful business you take – their eccentric point would be customer satisfaction.

The common reason for most business failure is avoiding them. Over a while, after getting a good response from people, most business owners start to focus on profit instead of focusing on their customer’s needs and wants.

But how to understand customers needs and wants?

That’s a good question.

It’s also a part of marketing.

As a marketer, the foremost thing one should do is to create a buyer’s persona.

You have to help your customer by providing valuable information. By continuously doing so, it will strengthen your brand value and build trust.

Information is the key to make a customer pay.

The more valuable and helpful your information is, the more profit your business can earn. If you keep passing useful and helpful information, people feel that you’re the market leader. So, people will start to trust you in the meantime and also will get you recognition.

But, advertising is just a spoon on whole cereal.


Because the marketer’s foremost objective is to identify the buyer.

As you can’t sell the product or service to everyone.

You have to find your target audience and must have in-depth knowledge about them.

That will lead the path to create a buyer’s persona.

Where there will be a bunch of details about your target customers.

The details will entail where they’re, when they are available, so and so.

To research and analyse them, you can conduct a survey, so and so.

Purpose of marketing:

The primary purpose is driving the interest of the people towards your business.

Majorly, to do so, you have to keep the customer’s needs upfront.

When the business starts to grow, most people forget to notice the customer’s pain points and begin to focus only on what the business needs.

Instead, if you stick with the customer’s satisfaction and needs, there won’t be any person to beat you.

You have to inform or educate you customer wisely to attract them.

In the early day’s people used word of mouth to transfer business news. Then, the boom of newspaper paved the way to advertise your business. Next, the radio, then television, then billboard, and now the evolution has stepped into online—digital marketing.

You have to use these platforms to choose which platform would suit you and on which platform your reader would be.

Noticing that would give you a perspective on which platform you must work and where you have to keep your entire focus on.

Marketing includes product development, customer support, public relations, sales strategy, distribution and market research.

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