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What is Social Media Marketing? Benefits of SMM in 2020?

What Is Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a technique where different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms target active people, spread product brand awareness or promote product, service and business.

This marketing process targets non-communicable people who are active online or on the Internet. And so, it is considered the best medium of digital marketing. What is digital marketing, I told you before.

Through social media advertising, you can promote or promote any brand, goods or services, online advertising anywhere in the world.

Because with the increase in the number of people using the Internet, people are also using these social media sites or apps.

Social media advertising is a process where we run a variety of paid marketing by running ads related to our products on various social media platforms.

If you are a businessman, you can easily use social media marketing to promote your product or service or any business, anywhere, city, country or near you. All of this is possible on your smartphone.

Also, the chances of getting a consumer sitting at home for your product are greatly enhanced.

5 Benefits and Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Social media is now used by students, businessman, private job-makers, government employees or even elderly people. So, using social media to market or make an aversion, we can easily reach millions of people.

Besides, there are many more benefits that can be made only by social media marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing or Advertisements

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)


I’ll tell you one thing about the five best and most important benefits below.

  • Promotion of anything is possible:
    Small businesses or products can be promotional. Today, people are selling products in their own homes by marketing or promoting them on social media.

So, whatever your business or product is, you can easily promote it through social media marketing.

  • Low cost paid advertisement:
    Marketing or promotion is possible in this process for a very low price. Hey, most of the process you can do on your own and free.

You just need to create a profile or page on the social media platform. And, then you can tell people about your product or business for free and update them from time to time.

But, if you want to show more ads on social media, it’s possible through paid advertising.

But with this, you have to spend some money. While spending money, it is possible to make a much less cost-effective marketing or promotion than in the physical marketing process.

  • Targeted promotion or marketing:
    Through physical marketing, we can never promote ads targeting a person. I mean, if you put an ad on the side of the road or behind the rear, you don’t have the right to see the ad and who won’t see it.

But, you’ll have a similar option in marketing or promotion through social media. I mean, you want to target people from a place where you want to show ads, how long the ads will run, how old the ads will be, and how much you want to show people as interest and demand.

So, you can understand that if you advertise or market online social media with everything in mind, you can target millions of customers involved in your business.

In this, your advertising will be 100% successful and you will find targeted customers or consumers for your business.

  • Consumers can easily find:
    As I said above, compared to other physical advertising, we can easily run ads in marketing through social media, targeting anywhere, as a special audience, a person of special interest or age of the audience.

In this case, the opportunity to get more conversions or subscribers increases by showing ads to targeted individuals. And, today, thousands of people are getting targeted customers for their business.

  • Growing brand awareness
    Today, before we buy anything, we’ll see the name of the brand or company. A good brand means more trust. So, through social media marketing, you can create a good picture of your brand.

You can take your brand and company to people from abroad and anywhere. Compared to old marketing, social media promotions have many benefits.

Just think,

You have a clothing shop or business. And, when you’re marketing or promotion of your own clothing business by targeting social media, “boys,” “interest” and “space,” people sitting at home, at home, at home, in-office or anywhere else will know your product or business through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media.

People will also see your product or business through advertising. This is how people will know about your business and its brand and your brand will be getting better impressions among people.

Remember, today, all the big brands have taken our minds and minds through advertising on TV or radio.

So, tv and radio today don’t have the business to make good names for their business and brands among people. Today, the era is the best medium of digital marketing and digital marketing where social media marketing is of great importance.

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