Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin Download Free

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Responsive Posts Carousel is a lightweight and powerful WordPress Plugin that permits you to display Posts, Gallery Images, WooCommerce Products, and all other custom put up types in a touch-enabled carousel/slider. You can choose from 50+ ready to use templates

and can customize them as per your want using the Live Template Editor. There are a bunch of settings and options available to create your awesome post slider in just minutes. You can create almost all types of sliders including ShowCaseVertical SliderMulti-Row Slideretc.

The number of columns for sliders can be defined separately for each system (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) and Equal Height mode makes your slides extra beautiful and symmetrical.

The customized picture size can even be selected to increase page load speed and the lazyload choice lets you show your slider as the page loads.

The Post selection criteria are additionally flexible and you may show your posts/cpts by IDs, type, date, creatorstatus, taxonomy, term and even by customized meta. Custom ordering lets you handle and sort your slides as per your needs.

Placeholder Image can be utilized for those posts which don’t have a Featured Image. Specific posts can also be excluded from the selected criteria.

You can display customized meta of posts/cpts in the slider. Advanced Custom Fields are also supported. All templates can be overridden to make changes in them by copying them in the Theme’s/Child Theme’s listingsimilar to WordPress’s other template information. Page Builders are also supported to show the precise content relatively than printing the actual shortcodes.

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  • 50+ Templates: Yes, there are 50+ unique and modern templates available to choose from.
  • Easy Selection: Simple post-selection. You can choose by put up IDs, taxonomies or phrases.
  • Responsive: Its fully responsive and scales with its container.
  • Social Sharing: 15+ Social Networks to choose from, to display their buttons on templates.
  • Custom Meta: Display customized meta for title and description.
  • RTL Mode: Right to Left mode can also be turned on.
  • WooCommerce: Supported with WooCommerce, provide meta key woo_price to display the formatted price of the product.
  • RWD: Different layout settings for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop views.
  • Vertical Mode: Vertical slide mode is also available to show in the sidebars.
  • Custom Easing: 24 Animations available to choose for slide transition.
  • Custom Image Sizes: You can load any size of Featured Image registered by your theme.
  • Placeholder: Set a default image for those posts which don’t have any featured image.
  • Grid Mode: You can also show multiple rows of posts in a single slider.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading for large images.
  • Infinite: Infinite looping and centre mode.
  • Equal Height Mode: Fix images top without stretching them to make all templates same in size.
  • Child Theme Support: Load templates from your theme if you want to make changes in them.
  • CPT Support: All customized post types are supported including testimonials, portfolios etc.
  • ACF Support: Supported with Advanced Custom Fields to display customized meta values in templates.
  • Custom Ordering: Sort your carousel items
     by date, IDs, titles or any customized meta order.
  • Accessibility: Swipe to slide and desktop mouse dragging support.
  • Navigation: Arrows and bottom navigation indicator dots.
  • Arrow Styles: 10 arrow styles and customized settings to customize them.
  • Auto Play: Auto Play with customized slide duration and customized speed.

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