Best laptops for 3D modeling and designing

Best laptops for 3D modeling and designing

3D modeling and rendering are some of the most daunting skill if ever learned. And having a background in 3D modeling, I know what sort of software you need to get skilled with. And how complicated tools these software have. But once you get skilled. It is also one of the highly paid jobs. Anyways, today our main focus is regarding the best laptops for 3D modeling and rendering. Because most people get confused when buying a laptop specifically for 3D modeling and designing.


However, in this guide, we have brought the 3 best laptops, which are personally recommended by 3D modelers and designers. Additionally, after lots of research, and keeping in mind the minimum system requirements, we have brought this ultimate guide. Below are the best laptops for Maya 3D, 3DS max, sketch UP, and other related software, which is used in 3D modeling and designing. So, are you all ears? Let’s dive in!


3 best laptops for 3D modeling and designing:


Acer Predator Helios 300:

Acer Predator Helios 300
Acer Predator Helios 300

The first one is Acer predator. This is the most powerful laptop ever by Acer Inc. It comes with all those features and specifications, that are required for any graphics-intensive works, or high-end games. It has a 15.3 inches big IPS LCD display. Moreover, the anti strain technology protects your eyes from the harmful rays that are emitted from the screen.


Moreover, you get a Hexa Core core i7 9th Gen processor for lightening processing of data. along with the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. The graphics card is recommended by 3D modelers for the concerning software.


Moreover, in terms of RAM, you get 16GB of RAM for buttery smooth multitasking. And 256GB of SSD to store your files, music, and videos, etc. besides, you get extra slots for RAM and SSD. So, that you can upgrade these both while interacting with high-end software. In terms of features and specs, the laptop has more than enough specs to fulfill your needs.


However, the biggest drawback of the laptop is its style and body shape. The laptop is quite big than regular laptops with a net weight of 5.9lbs. The company didn’t focus much on the external look of the laptop. Instead made available at a much cheaper price than its competitors. The laptop is available at $1396, which is otherwise around $1600 in other laptops.




ASUS is a famous name in the laptop industry, which focuses mostly on introducing gaming laptops. However, the ASUS ROG is one of the recommended laptops by 3D modeling due to its stunning and unprecedented performance. This laptop comes with 15.3 inches Full HD backlit display and keyboard. Which enables you to work on the laptop in the dark without any hassle.


Moreover, the laptop comes with an intel core i7 7th Gen Hexa Core processor, along with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. The CPU and GPU in the laptop is capable to run any sort of heavy software without any hassle. Moreover, you get 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Along with the 1TB of HDD. However, on this laptop, you get two variants. One with 1TB of HDD, or 256GB of SSD at the same price. However, we recommend choosing the 256GB of SSD. Because the SSD multiplies the speed of the laptop many times.


In terms of look and style. It is a mediocre laptop. the laptop comes in charcoal black color, along with a slim body. The body isn’t much slim. But enough to be said slim.


MacBook Pro 13:

MacBook Pro 13
MacBook Pro 13

The last one on the list is the MacBook Pro. This is a flagship laptop, for graphics-intensive software. It comes with 15 inches Full HD LCD display. Moreover, you get an intel core i7 9th Gen Hexa Core processor, along with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 graphics card. In terms of CPU and GPU, the laptop has all you need for 3D modeling. However, the graphics card may not be the best match for 3D designing but still is completely compatible with graphics-intensive works.


Moreover, you get an 8GB of DDR4 RAM for smooth multitasking. Along with it, you get 256GB of SSD to store your files, music, and videos, etc. besides, you get extra space for RAM and SSD. So, that you can upgrade it easily. The reason we added the MacBook Pro to the list is that most people prefer Apple systems for intensive jobs. And Therefore, MacBook Pro is a good match for 3D modeling and designing.


As long as the look and style are concerned. It wouldn’t be untrue that MacBook Pro is the most stylish laptop on this list with the slimmest body and net weight of only 3.6lbs. The laptop is fully portable, and if you usually take your laptop to the office and home, so, a laptop like this would be much more appreciated.


Bottom Line:


the bottom line is that when buying a laptop for specific purposes, whether that is gaming, casual activities, or for professional purposes. Having basic knowledge regarding laptops is better. However, if you haven’t. So, the best way to get assistance from the online world. And here we are, this list is for those professionals, who are seeking laptops for 3D modeling and designing. And the list has been build with careful observation of specs, and recommendations of 3D modeling. Therefore, if you are a newbie. you can choose any of these software, depending upon your personal choices.

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