5 things commonly asked when applying for an employment pass in Singapore

5 things commonly asked when applying for an employment pass in Singapore

Working in a country like Singapore has been a plan by many foreigners from developing countries. The main reason is that they are relatively paid more compared to working on the same job in their home country. Furthermore, Singapore provides a greater opportunity for career development and even business incorporation. That is why many prepare themselves to become eligible for the Singapore employment pass.


The employment pass Singapore visa is a very common and highly-recommended work visa in Singapore. Holders of the E Pass are professionals usually in a high managerial position. In addition, being an E Pass holder has a lot of benefits which is why foreigners find ways to know more and to be eligible for it. That is why they ask a lot of questions about the E Pass. In this article, we will cover the 5 common things they asked about the E Pass.

5 things commonly asked when applying for an employment pass in Singapore
5 things commonly asked when applying for an employment pass in Singapore

#1 – Duration of employment pass Singapore application process


The Singapore employment pass can be applied online. It is done by the employer on behalf of the E Pass candidate. Even if all requirements are met, the online application can still take up to three weeks before receiving feedback. It may take longer especially if the employment pass Singapore application is made during the peak periods. Another aspect that can contribute to the long application process is the need for more information. This usually occurs when an economic organization in Singapore needs additional details about the E Pass applicant or the employer.


#2 – Chances of getting approved for Singapore employment pass


Another common question that a Singapore employment pass applicant asks is about his or her chances of getting approved. Success in the E Pass application depends on many factors. One of them is the E Pass candidate. Usually, those employment pass Singapore candidates with higher educational backgrounds are considered. If education is not outstanding, an E Pass applicant still has a chance for approval if he or she has impressive and relevant employment history.


The other aspect that the Ministry of Manpower looks into is the employer. They check if the job that the employer is giving the applicant is eligible for the E Pass. They look into the credentials of the company. They make sure that the company is following its statutory requirements and is eligible to hire foreign workers.


#3 – Medical test requirement


Not all Singapore employment pass applicants must undergo a medical exam. However, once the approval letter is received, the E Pass candidate must check the letter if they still need to take the medical test. If they do, they need to undergo a physical exam, blood tests, HIV tests, and Chest X-ray tests.


The Singapore government encourages the employment pass Singapore applicants to come to Singapore and do the test there. However, they allow medical tests conducted in the home country of the applicant. This is fine only if a reputable clinic or hospital will perform the tests and a registered physician will sign the medical form. Take note that this medical form should be in English and can be attached to the approval letter.


#4 – Renewing the Singapore employment pass


The renewal process is another FAQ of a Singapore employment pass applicant. Usually, the Min istry of Manpower sends a renewal notice three months before the E Pass expires. That is because two months is the allotted time for the renewal application. The employment pass Singapore must be renewed before the expiry date. Otherwise, a reapplication for the E Pass will be implemented. There aren’t many requirements for the E Pass renewal unless there are certain changes that need to be made.




#5 – Employment pass Singapore cancellation


Canceling the Singapore employment pass is very simple. It is done online by the employer or the employment agent. It should be done within seven days after the termination of employment of the E Pass holder. Once the employment Singapore visa is terminated, the former E Pass holder will be given Short Term Visit Pass allowing him or her to stay in Singapore for one more month.


Knowing what are the benefits of the E Pass is important but knowing the conditions and criteria for the pass is essential. This is so you not only know how to get approved for the Singapore employment pass, you will know how you can maintain the E Pass status.

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